New Eyes Each Year

Philip Larkin

Close up of the Philip Larkin poem.
Unveiling the poem at the former library on Bridge Street.

Beth was an enthusiastic supporter of the public library service. Whilst appreciating the need for libraries to diversify into the realms of modern ICT, her first love was books. She also amassed a large bookmark collection, which begun when working in a second-hand book shop in York. We feel that this poem neatly sums up the value of reading and of libraries.

This poem is reproduced by kind permission of Faber & Faber Ltd.

The stone plaque was worked by Barrie Price of James Beresford & Sons, Monumental Masons and Memorial Specialists, and additional thanks go to Armano Zaffardi for working the poetry trail logo.

In the summer of 2020 this plaque was resited to outside the new Belper Library on Derwent Street